Rick & Traci Harvey

Executive Directors

Rick and Traci Harvey are the founders and executive directors of the Soul Food Cafe' Mission. They married in 1985 and have seven children and two grandchildren. Rick graduated from UCA with a business degree and graduated from Southwestern with a pastoral degree.

Although the Soul Food Cafe' Mission has only been in existence since 2001, Traci has always had a desire in her heart to cook for and feed those in need. This has been a family adventure with all seven children helping run and administrate the operations.

Soul Food Cafe' Mission is a volunteer faith based ministry. Rick is an insurance salesman by trade and God has blessed his business to provide for their family in spite of the time it takes to run this ministry. Our goal is to reach out to those in need both physically and spiritually. The volunteers to this organization are key to its success. Rick and Traci believe that when a person takes ownership of a ministry their heart and soul go into it and make it happen. Our volunteers are very dedicated to this operation. Although no one has signed commitment cards or verbally stated that they will come back each week to help, each and every week people show up to work and fellowship together. This makes the Soul Food Cafe' Mission organization flow through the Holy Spirit's leading. The finances are done the same way. The statement is believed, "His will, His bill", and so far God's provision has always been there for the operational expenses of this ministry.

We believe that our success is in doing God's will. He provides the outcome whether it is big or small; it doesn't matter.

Food Preparation Crew

Traci and her helpers (Marilyn, Sandi and Matthew) work fast every week to bring some of the tastiest food for those in need as well as feeding our volunteers throughout the entire ministry. Many weeks they are cooking for over 200 people. This is really the ministry was birthed. Traci has always wanted to feed those in need in every town we have ministered in she would pick out a building as ask God if this could be the place where she could feed hungry people. Soul Food Cafe' Mission was her idea and she named it. We want to feed people both physically and spiritually.

Health & Beauty Aide

Rick's Mom has organized and taken this job to a new level. Although she does not have much to work with each week, she goes through donations and cleans organizes and boxes up what she thinks we will need for the coming week. Rick's father helps he and also drives the box truck as well as forklifts for the ministry. The help she has makes everything come together. With out the volunteer help, Health and Beauty Aides could not run effectively. Pictured here are Arlene Harvey, Walt Harvey & Jennie Blair.

Loading Crew

We have an excellent loading crew that come faithfully to load and off-load food, equipment and supplies to run this ministry. They work hard with big box trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts.

Administrative Team

Here is our administrative team to help you with any questions you may have. Just take a number and have a seat until your number is called. At that time you can come to the table and they will help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Food Box Preparation Team

The food box preparation team works hard throughout the day to provide each food box with a variety of foods from the four food groups (Meat, Dairy, Fruit & Vegetables and Grain). In the morning prep has already begun than as the box truck arrives from the AR Food Bank with the cold products the food boxes are completed. We put a lot of time, effort and love into each and every food box. Although each food box does not contain the exact same items, we strive to fill each and everyone with equivalent items that are sure to please the recipient.

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