The Process

The Soul Food Cafe' Mission's food box distribution is a four step process. Listed below are the four steps...

Step 1

When You Arrive

After the doors have opened at 9 am, we invite you to come in and take a green ticket at the administration table. We will be serving a complementary continental breakfast and beverages. Have a seat while waiting for Step 2. Guests who arrive in the afternoon should be aware that green tickets are not distributed after 3 pm.

Step 2

Health & Beauty Aids

Look for your number to be displayed on the green number display. Numbers are also announced over the PA system. Come to the Health & Beauty Aide table when your number has been called and displayed. You may pick out a certain number of items, determined each Monday, from the shelves there. Now you are ready for Step 3. (If not receiving items from Health & Beauty Aids, this step may be skipped; just proceed to Step 3 and notify the administration table of your choice.)

Step 3


After you have selected your items at Health & Beauty Aids, return to the administration table to register your presence for the day. On your first visit, you will be asked to provide registration data so that you can be put in the computerized database. If you qualify for USDA commodities, distributed on the third Monday of the month, you will be asked additional questions to register for those as well. You are now ready for the final step.

Step 4

Receiving Your Food Box

Return to the table where you received your green ticket. You will now exchange your green ticket for a red one. If you leave the premises during the day, you must return before 3 pm to receive your food box, even if you already have your red ticket. Around 1pm, someone will call your red ticket number. Please come up to the front when your number is called and trade your red ticket for a number that you will give to the volunteer taking those in the food box distribution area outside. You may get your car at this time and drive through the food box distribution lane. Present your number and they will load your food box(es) for you. If you wish, you can walk through the food box distribution lane and carry your food box to your car with out driving up. You will need to carry your food box out to your car on your own if you choose this method.

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